VinylRemover VR15-143

ROLLSROLLER VinylRemover VR15-143

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ROLLSROLLER VinylRemover  VR15-143

The Rollsroller® VinylRemover is capable of stripping away any film from your plotter or print´n cut.
It is designed for easy mounting on your Rollsroller® flatbed applicator and you can even use it on a portable table stand. It’s operated with a single hand driven crank and gets the job done in no time. You can even pause in the middle of a job to attend other business and finish the job later. Including adaptor for easy mounting on your Rollsroller®. With powerful neodymium magnets and locking profiles, to secure your Rollsroller® VinylRemover completely.

Products specifications
Model Name VinylRemover VR15-143
Working width 1 430 mm / 4ft. 8in
Part no. 71856
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